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Corporate Design is a part of the Corporate Identity and represents the uniform appearance of a company. This includes the design of all means of communication as business papers or websites and, above all, the product design. A unified picture of a company increases the recognition value and the brand awareness. We turn to these two areas that are closely tied together, and differentiate between Corporate Communication and Corporate Product.

Corporate Product refers to the products of a company. Here, common elements are worked out that are typical and already unique at first glance, building the brand. Goal is making you think of the company name automatically by seeing one of its products.

Corporate Communication refers to the graphical side of the corporate identity: logo, business cards, printed or digital advertising materials, sales documents and many other means of communication of a company with the public, with its customers and employees.


product family – face of the brand

Global markets mean global competition. In order to be successful and stand out, strong company brands and their products are indispensable.

Corporate Products can mean tradition as well as innovation. Over time, recognisability, quality and originality of design may join in to form the brand. A good corporate product leaves a clear and long-lasting impression. The corporate product does not only represent a single or new product of the company, but the sum of the manufactured articles or a product series that tells a common story which results in a brand image. We are dedicated to creating these impressions.

When a customer asks us to design a new series of machines, we want to know everything
 and ask for a lot of details. We explore the historical development of the company, influence and behaviour of the competitors, discuss with the customer the new orientation of the products and what is expected of them. We have to know the design language of the target market and develop existing traditions in an explicit direction.


cabins for various crane sizes



night visibility markings study for dump trucks



RAVO 5 series & Mathieu MC110



brand language

Corporate communication is all the interaction of a company with its environment. This also includes spoken exchange in negotiations, as well as the appearance of the company building or the good (or bad) behavior of employees - and of course the written communication in letters and advertising. Successfully used Corporate Communication not only has a positive outward effect on customers, but also on the non-business environment. It furthermore has an important effect internally on the company’s own employees, who feel part of the company and become its everyday ambassadors.

As part of the Corporate Communication 1to1design offers the design of currently required applications and rules for future communication for:
• printed materials
• digital communication
• exhibition and sales rooms
• the logo
• an in-house signage system
• the use of symbols
• labelling of company cars
• business cards, stationery, forms
• presentations
• packaging
• appearance at sponsoring projects
• the integration of partner logos
• the use of colors in written materials
• … and much more.



For SKODA AUTO in 2011 we participated, in cooperation with the lead agency, in the development of the new corporate identity, from the new logo to the design of new dealerships. As a follow-up to the launch, our graphic department has created additional applications, expanded the set of corporate identity rules and, above all, advised employees and internal departments on the transfer of existing and creating new means of communication in order to properly implement the new identity.


Corporate Identity in labelling of sponsoring cars

Czech National Museum Prague

In preparation for the planned new appearance of the building’s signage and other means of communication, the museum needed a temporary solution of a guidance system for the ceremonial re-opening of the historic museum building, after several years of reconstruction, on the centenary of the Czechoslovak Declaration of Independence. The architecture studio ilex design s.r.o. designed one of the two exhibitions, “2x100”, on the occasion of the re-opening and is responsible of the temporary signage system. 1to1design created all graphics for this system and reworked the placement and sizes for a last-minute pre-release of the main elements on round instead of triangular columns.


wayfinding system for temporary re-opening