Construction & Engineering

Pure Know-how

Modeling in 3D

We model in the CAD system of the programs CATIA V5R21, CREO 2.0 and CREO 3.0. From beginning on the original 3D data is property of the customer. In the course of collaboration, the 3D data is constantly updated and handed over – at every stage of the project development, from modeling to prototyping to completion of the construction drawings.

With the aim of finding the best technical solution for the customer, we carry out studies for ergonomics, interior, the base load to support the construction of supporting structures and research of all relevant international standards.


testing models



Designers and engineers at 1to1design speak one common language. The foundation for this is open communication and interdisciplinary know-how. Each of them participates in the project as part of his field of specialization, and at the same time is able to take the other one`s advice into account.

Street Sweeper

cabin construction with direct interaction of design sketches
Concurrent Engineering

In the development process, we take advantage of simultaneous engineering. All project phases – design, proposals, construction and modeling – run overlapping from the project start. Key decisions are made early and thanks to this coordination, we prevent mistakes and subsequent costly changes.

Road Roller cabin

simultaneous client-side cabin construction
Decision for one variant

The customer hands us a task that he alone cannot handle satisfactorily. He expects the best possible solution from us. He does not want to deal with alternatives, but look for results. That‘s why, from the release of the draft, we focus on one variant that we develop and improve. We do not distract ourselves with work on several versions. The strategy of one variant leads us quickly and effectively to the goal.

Street Sweeper

produced result of common construction