Company 1to1design

As a full service agency we provide a range of services from industrial design, engineering, preparing mock-ups, prototyping, small series production (such as pre-series production) as well as graphic design and corporate design.

We offer complex development services from first project and design planning, through calculations, construction solutions and simulations, to the prototype. Based on our own projects, we offer piece and small batch production. We specialize in the development and construction of plastic parts for the interior and exterior of construction, heavy transport or agricultural machinery and municipal vehicles.

For more than 20 years we offer our customers smart design with technically highly sophisticated and individually tailored services.

Everything from presentation and discussion, to development, modeling and construction, to the completion of the finished prototype takes place under one roof. Our premises allow us flexibility and speed in the implementation of changes. Virtual models are separated from real only by a door and a few steps. For the design and construction of prototypes, we manufacture our own molds for the production of the parts. We are able to produce both large parts and small details exactly for the dimensions of the project.

At 1to1design we realize our own development projects, especially in the field of alternative transport. We develop tests of new materials and technologies in cooperation with external experts, companies and universities. This brings together academic research and practical knowledge. The universities offer us the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and we enable them to translate findings from theoretical research into real projects.

With a feeling for detail and based on many years of experience, we are constantly looking for new ways and unusual solutions. We like change and the creation of innovative, beautiful and meaningful things. Discovering the new and unknown brings us creative energy and enjoyment of work. We help our business partners grow and develop. At the same time, we draw valuable experience from each project. A new project always involves tasks and questions that require new approaches and neutral access. A welcome challenge for us.

Our location in the middle of Europe provides us with a good starting point and flexibility for logistics and business negotiations. The multinational 1to1design team is used to working on foreign projects – with our business partners we speak English, German, Czech and Russian. The colorful composition of our collective brings dynamism to our work and widens the horizon.

1to1design development

taylor made services – here the aluminum casting for steps into mobile cranes



The company 1to1design s.r.o. is an innovative company, founded by Kathinka and Dušan Poliaček in the early 2000s as the successor of the originally German company 1zu1design, on the market since 1997. Thanks to this origin, 1to1design has good connections in foreign markets and is very export oriented (more than half of the services are exported).

1to1design started in the apartment of an Art Nouveau building in the center of Prague. With persistent work of its founders, the establishment of the company as s.r.o. with partner Bas Peij 2007, the increasing specialization and simultaneous expansion of the offered services, the number of employees has grown along with the customer base.

The company’s ongoing development and the need to break away from dependency on supplier parts and services required a site change. With the move to the new, more convenient premises in Prague Malešice, where we are now located, we can flexibly respond to small and large projects and objects. Economic stability and the continued growth of the company gives our business partners security and confidence for long-term cooperations.

1to1design development

view into the 1to1design studio and laboratory in Prague Malešice

Development image


We are loyal.
Throughout the project cooperation we guarantee exclusivity of the product area.
We value the trust of our business partners and therefore from the time a order for the development of a joint project is placed, we do not accept any orders or projects of same or similar kind.

Our client. Our partner.
At 1to1design we form a team together with the customer project group and see our clients as partners. The aim of our work is to find the best solution. From the first meeting on, mutual trust and communication skills are required. An innovation project of the client is part of his business and strategic planning. In order for us to understand as much as possible the plans and wishes of all participating sites, the sharing of experiences, opinions and knowledge is essential. A matter of course is the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

Throughout the project, we are in constant contact with the customer. We keep the connection in the form of personal visits, the exchange of documents, telephone or video conferences. All changes will be discussed and agreed together.

Process control
To track the progress of the project, we use a comprehensive system of external and internal control tools that document every step from the first sketch to the finished prototype. A tracking list is used to record all changes within the project. An analysis of individual steps is managed in the status report. The overview of the project status is presented to the customer in an actual status. With these tools, we achieve accurate and balanced communication, which we greatly appreciate. The preparation of this close cooperation is initially complex, but leads both business partners to long-term security.

Financial parameters are just as important as technical and aesthetic requirements. We devote the same care to the design of the project budget as to the entire project. Right at the beginning of the cooperation we provide a detailed calculation. In detail, we name each individual step of the development and construction of a project and plan the necessary material at the beginning. Financial project stability reassures the work on the developer side and ensures security for the customer. The jointly approved cost framework regulates all project phases.


Mock-up presentation of a street sweaper exterior and cabin interior

Cooperate Relations image


We Are One.
Good employees are also own minds. At 1to1design, there is an international community of personalities with very different skills, interests, characteristics – and at the same time, we form a whole: the 1to1design team.

Many of our team members have multiple competences. They have studied design and continued to train as constructors, are engineers who like to lend a hand in every workshop or are master craftsmen for wood who can handle metal just as skilfully. We listen to each other and are not blindfolded in our own specialization. We see our office as a large playing field, where we collect ideas and develop concepts with a light hand. The convenience of the workplace and the enjoyment of what we do bring us further forward.

The working environment itself is a great feel-good factor. An equipped kitchen, changing rooms with shower and two friendly four-legged team members complete pleasant workshop and office space. In our large experimental kitchen we cook together at company parties, we go for lunch together or in the evening for a beer. Or two. We drive together to teambuildings to the nearest pond or even to the sea and build beach huts or practice archery. And we are always looking for people who see more in their work than just making money.


work, profession and passion for the current project is just one side – evening actions, team buildings and gatherings are the leisure part of our company

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