Design & Engineering

We develop cabins for industrial, agricultural and communal machines, and are specialized in unique solutions for cabins with particular requirements, limited space and atypical dimensions. Together with the design we provide a wide range of engineering work.

The design and construction development of the cabin is dependent on the specialized vehicle. After successful implementation of the design, vehicle and cabin shall appear as from the same mould. In addition to matching machine with cabin to the entire product line the already existing corporate design is being followed, or we propose basics and elements for a common appearance of a product series or company product look.

Via the so-called mock-up we can experience live on a physical model the future cabin in 
1:1 scale. For the interior development models like a sitting box and the mock-up are very useful. Both models enable us entering the cabin in an early state of development. In this model interior it is possible to sit down, look around and out of the windows and explode the organisation of the dashbord with its controls. Even the best computer model does not provide this direct and precise impression of space and ergonomics of the interior. The mock-up gives guidance for presenting and evaluating the design of cabin interior and exterior. With this fast approach everybody can make his view and get a picture of the state of project and design.

We lead the cabin to serial production. Whilst prototyping we are concentrating on producers, choosing suppliers and research production processes of parts. The results of the prototyping phase are transferred to serial data and in the name of the client handed over to a producer of the clients’ choice, or we recommend an appropriate partner.


cabins for a series of mobile cranes

As part of the renewed corporate design of the Manitowoc mobile cranes we
 worked out e.g. for the 5-axes mobile crane the design, construction, prototyping and pre-serial production of several cabin parts.


GROVE GMK 5-axes series

Manitowoc Grove GMK 5-axes series


dump truck cabin


Dump Truck Cab , Prototype Meeting

Liebherr Dump Truck Cab


Dump Truck Cab, Prototype & Illustrations

LIEBHERR Dump Truck Cab, Prototype & Illustrations


cabin development

Design thinking, everydays practical experience, ergonomics and engineering join at the first walk-in display model in original scale. At a mockup engineers and designers, marketing and sales, clients and end users have the chance to discuss construction, design, ergonomic adetails and further technical development. Our mockups are mostly developed together with cabin producers and are in-house manufactured.


Straddel Carrier Cabin Illustration

CARGOTEC Straddel Carrier Cabin Illustration


Straddel Carrier Cabin, Mock-Up presentation

CARGOTEC Straddel Carrier Cabin, Mock-Up presentation


exterior & interior design


Street sweeper MC110

Mathieu MC110