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Design presentation - Manitowoc - at the Intermat in Paris
Adidas - Adidas Women - a fictitious brand
Print - Instituto Cervantes - invitations, flyers and more or cultural events
"Urbs" - 1to1design constructive design study - mobility, functionality and fun to drive
Grove GMK 4100 - Manitowoc - The beginning of cooperation with the first sketches
Manitowoc - Prototypesto adjust, test and check the construction
BTL - redesign of a medical examination bed
Logo and animation - imagon - a German multimedia agency
Volkswagen Beetle - POI (Point Of Information) presentation for explaining the vehicle variant configurator
Showroom and displays for G. Benedikt und Lilien in Salzburg
Manitowoc - prototypes for the GMK 5000
Interactive interface design - MiroMedia - TV and computer video cards
BCN - Bertelsmann Content Network - a new department for the internal network
Cabin - Manitowoc - development of a new crane design
Mobile Payment Association - payment by mobile phone
Motorcycle - 1to1design internal project - strong design for a strong engine
"Urban" - 1to1design concept study - city car with an optimised shell
Website for Tato Kojkej café bar in Kampa park, Prague
Formula 1 - pocket calendar 2000 - advertising material
Stationary - ABS Jets - simple and elegant on high-quality paper
Instituto Cervantes - opening campaign in Prague
Kit system - Manitowoc - enhances assembly and combines various crane models
Corporate Design - Manitowoc - cabin with new design for the GMK 5000 series
Paconsult - documentation flyer for product development
RTM injection process - Manitowoc - tool production
Print material for Tato Kojkej
Display stands - Adidas - merchandise of the imaginary product line Adidas Women
dpa-infocom - orientation signage at headquarters
Technical illustrations - ContiTech - Continental AG corporation
I+ME Actia - diagnostic equipment for vehicle construction
Corporate design - Instituto Cervantes - southern warmth and lust for life
Manitowoc – GMK6300 – Engineering
1to1design goes fine dining!
Invitation printed on vellum - Soroptimist International - Charter celebration in Hanover, Germany 2000
Website - ABS Jets - important communication medium
Packaging - Adidas - forms the Adidas logo when put together
Manitowoc - constructive work developing the GMK 4000 and GMK 5000
A Nescafé island of tranquility in the middle of Prague's lively centre
Synlift Systems - technical illustrations of the Synline components during different phases of development
Manitowoc – GMK6300 – Interior design
Manitowoc - tool production for RTM forms
Opak - packaging for light bulbs
Corporate design - ficotec Veredelungs GmbH - logo, stationary and a non-flammable Christmas card
Ceres - graphics for the real estate company
Logo and stationary for Jobob Design
Internet presentation - Ceres - a global real estate company
Website - dpa-infocom - information and precise communication
"Kozi duch" - 1to1design internal project - moped ultra-light
Logo - Adidas - a fresh campaign on a different track for
Medical catalogue illustrations - Medwork - flexible endoscopy equipment
Transportation racks - Manitowoc - to deliver the fragile GFK elements
Tchibo brand TCM - modernisation of packaging
Steel pylon - Ringgleishof in Braunschweig, Germany - sign for the new industrial complex
EGE - humorous catalogue idea for the German window and door manufacturer
Quality control - Manitowoc - managment and production of plastic and aluminium parts
Post J-Class Boat – 1to1design – Elite sportiness with a modern twist
Corporate design – Manitowoc – 4, 5 & 6-axle mobile cranes
Inhouse magazine - Aachener und Münchener - give first-hand views of all the ideas and divisions of the company
Campaign for a luxurious lakeside holiday resort in Rheinsberg
Logo design - dpa-infocom - a new division of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Image campaign - dpa-infocom - a subsidiary of Deutsche Presse-Agentur.
Ficotec GmbH - campaign for its new product imnuplan - wall reconstruction with paperhanging character
BeQuest - Bertelsmann corp. - the content search engine
Water kettle - 1to1design internal project - eye-catcher for the kitchen attracts attention and boils water
Synlift Systems – Wind turbine design process
Corporate communication - Ceres - catalogue, Christmas card and stationary
Step elements - Manitowoc - made from aluminum
Emblem for Manitowoc
Corporate design proposal for the Lilien brand of gastronomic porcelain, also in cooperation with two other brands – layouts for web and print
Print work - Spanish Embassy in Prague - information leaflet and cover
The designed elements for the Manitowoc GMK 5000 are developed in 3D CAD
Manitowoc – GMK 6350 – Transportation racks
Bertelsmann – Content presentation for BCN - mobile applications
Webisode for BCN (Bertelsmann Content Network)
Overview catalogue - Ceres - projects and services for the czech real estate company
Singlebad - 1to1design competition - mobile bath
Ficotec - Imnuplan - Logo, brand communication & illustrations
3D animations - illustrations of complex processes
Synlift Systems – Corporate identity design
Corporate design proposal for Langenthal, the gastronomy porcelain brand in cooperation with two others - layouts for web and print
Presentation folder — dpa infocom
Design for Tato Kojkej - a Café-Bar-Gallery in the middle of Prague
Corporate design proposal for the porcelain manufacturer G. Benedikt in cooperation with two other brands - layouts for web and print
Logo redesign - ABS Jets
Concept of a garden pavilion - planned contribution from Volkswagen for the German Federal Garden Show in Wolfsburg
Radio campaign - Instituto Cervantes - Spanish courses in Prague
1to1design s.r.o. team office.
Ceres - flash presentation for a trade fair in London
Fast sculpture - 1to1 design and Volkswagen project - study of form, speed and textile covers
United Table Ware – Logo, slogan and basic corporate design proposal for a group of three cooperating porcelain brands
Bed - 1to1design internal project - for dreamers who like drifting alone in their sleep
Manitowoc - welding construction to attach covering elements to mobile cranes
Manitowoc – GMK6350 – exterior design
Manitowoc - design, construction and project management
5 axes crane - Manitowoc - with a new design and kit system
Volkswagen - exhibition to present internal cooperation using the ;quot;Oil Cooler;quot; project
Volkswagen - presentation of an internal cooperation project using the example ;quot;oil cooler;quot;
Contact information for 1to1design s.r.o.
Product presentation - dpa-infocom - products are divided into so called "lines"
Animation - Bertelsmann AG - Synergy Award
Newsletter for CBF, an engineering company in Berlin
Telephone - 1to1designs internal project - telephone apparatus from Mars
Manitowoc – Clay modelling
Good atmosphere, good tone, good work 1to1design s.r.o.
1to1design s.r.o. website disclaimer
A map of where to find 1to1design s.r.o.
Plusquam - 1to1design internal project - font development
1to1design s.r.o. team designers
A standard fair booth for the three porcelain manufacturers Benedikt, Lilien and Langenthal for the fair "Trend 2003" in Frankfurt, Germany
Shareholder team members at 1to1design s.r.o.
1to1design s.r.o. Team Modelers.
1to1design s.r.o. team engineers
G. Benedikt, Lilien and Langenthal – Coporate design – Web and print proposals
Maso - 1to1design internal project - font development
CAD - Manitowoc CGG - complex models
Klaxon - 1to1design internal project - font development
Verne - 1to1design internal project - font development
Razitko Nepokoj - 1to1design internal project - font development