United Table Ware – Logo, slogan and basic corporate design proposal for a group of three cooperating porcelain brands

By merging three bone china brands (G. Benedikt in Czech Republic, Lilien Austria and Langenthal Suisse) with different gastronomy target markets a logo which unified them was created so they could communicate what was needed, yet wouldn't distract from each of the brands independent identity, positively representing their relationships. This group of distributors developed from the three initial companies  formed the umbrella brand name "United Tableware".

The proposed logo combines a stylized knife as a cutlery piece, and a plate to give a crockery impression, which combined together hints at a happily smilingface. The pleasing green-gray group colour leaves room for each of the single brands colour and the optional slogan "Professional porcelain from the heart of Europe" creates a relationship of the content with the geographical position of the companies.