Campaign for a luxurious lakeside holiday resort in Rheinsberg

Rheinsberg is an idyllic, romantic place in northern Germany well known from the author Kurt Tucholskys' novel with the same name. In 1999 a progressive hotel resort was meant to be built, along with holiday condominiums. The slogan 'Be our guest in your own four walls' stands out as the central theme of this resort. All single apartments are privately owned but are leased together and administered by the hotel. The empty holiday flats are used optimally and hotel service is offered in each apartment.

To advertise the modern and luxurious lakeside holiday resort flyers, postcards, ads and a slogan were created which explain the concept of the project and reflect, on the other hand that Rheinsberg is a romantic place. Designed by Kathinka Poliáček and Heike Berger.