Corporate design proposal for the porcelain manufacturer G. Benedikt in cooperation with two other brands - layouts for web and print

After the fusion of three professional porcelain brands into one corporation (G. Benedikt, Lilien Austria and Langenthal Suisse) they still wanted to be clearly distinguishable and separate, yet at the same time have a unified appearance. G. Benedikt as the market leader in 2003 with its quality solid products and low prices should aim for the lower-middle sector of the market with its emphasis on the functional professional gastronomy kitchen.

The proposal uses  practical commincation methods based on facts without any frills and is application orientated. Using a mild cool blue as its company colour and a more clear logo, historically developed from the porcelain stamp combined with a functional font a clear and unifying appearance was created. Contemporary communication media such as a new website and a brochure with with the feel of a catalogue. The slogan 'Special for every day' emphasizes its suitability for its daily use, and of this porcelain brands high practical value.