Design for Tato Kojkej - a Café-Bar-Gallery in the middle of Prague

Light blue and white stripes, are interspersed with black, white and blood-red motifs. The historical context which contrasts with the backgrounds creates a severe kind of humor, which is how we can describe the entire graphical concept. This fits quite well to the café-bar that is hidden in the middle of Prague in Kampa park located behind an enormous water wheel, completely equipped with old furniture.

The name Tato Kojkej is a demand in Czech and means "Daddy, look!" expressesing the central theme. Lively daily grind, a little chic and very cosy. The logo is created using a consequent neo-ethno-retro futurism in-house font "Maso". The healer, leaning on a stick, looks ahead calmly and wisely - surely a model for Dr. House.

During the course of time, many proposals were based on this design. Invitations and posters to fasion shows or music events arose, T-shirts and of course the website.