Project management

Grove GMK 4100 - Manitowoc - The beginning of cooperation with the first sketches

In the year 2005 1to1design started working on the first sketches for the Grove GMK 4100, the first mobile crane fitted with a Mercedes cabin. On the one hand the task was to not let the cabin bear resemblance to the distinguishable Mercedes brand, but at the same time match it as well as possible to the existing undercarriage frame and find a design which would stay stable for extended periods.

The design, construction and production capacity, which all take place in the Czech Republic go hand in hand with one another. The 2D assembly models are produced to document the development from the very first prototype to the serial production as well as 14 large, medium, and small sized plastic components which cover the cabin. The plastic parts are mainly fabricated in a production process with closed moldings and partly using a hand lay-up process. Due to the enhanced production the design was adapted into a kit system which is compatible with its successor the GMK 5000.

The design was presented as the trendsetting prototype for Manitowoc at the Intermat 2006 in Paris.