Corporate design proposal for Langenthal, the gastronomy porcelain brand in cooperation with two others - layouts for web and print

As the topmost brand out of three gastronomic porcelain companies (G. Benedikt in Karlovy Vary, Lilien Austria and Langenthal Suisse) Langenthal was supposed to be carved out and strengthened as a stand alone brand receiving a modern, noble appearance. The proposed aim for Langenthal was fine dining - noble professional bone china for the upper market sector.

The existing oval emblem logo with three slanting stripes was gently adjusted. The companies turquoise colour combined with a light grey conveys a sense of fresh elegance. The noble modernity of this brand is supported by the new font used in the logo, and a website and brochure was also proposed. The new slogan 'The edelweiss of professional bone china' expresses the white of the porcelain to the companies alpine origin , and also to upper class users. To use the German expression 'edelweiss' in English strengthens the suisse connection and the values of nobility and purity.