Corporate design proposal for the Lilien brand of gastronomic porcelain, also in cooperation with two other brands – layouts for web and print

As one of three cooperating professional bone china brands (G. Benedikt in Karlovy Vary, Lilien Austria and Langenthal Suisse) A plan to resurrect Lilien, giving it a fresh new appearance began. Separated from the other brands, Lilien was supposed to target the upper-middle market using modern designs, yet which could also appeal to the other two opposite poles in the market – the ancestral clientele and the dynamic trend depedent sectors.

The existing stylized lily logo was only slightly modernized and carries the companies dark red colour giving it a warm feminine outlook. The modernity and elegance of the brand is supported with the logos new font. Websites and brochures were proposed with with the new slogan 'Porzellan von Format' which emphasizes the pretentious 'formal' design aspect in the German language.